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Le Prestige De La Radiodiffusion Internationale Sur L’Internet Pour Le Monde Entier
Translations with Professional Precision and Accuracy Between: English, Spanish, French, & Creole: $ 50.00 per page (1-3 pages) $ 40.00 per page (4-15 pages) $ 30.00 per page (16-40 pages) For   documents   containing   more   than   40 pages,      contact      us      for      a      friendly negotiation.  
Writing Chores The      very      same      Translations      price schedule    applies    to    all    average    and ordinary documents. For     all     types     of     academic     writing, which     might     average     $1,250     (per paper),   contact   us   directly   for   special deals.
Notary Public (We will come to You) $ 40.00 (7:00 AM * 6:00 PM) $ 75.00 (6:00 PM * 10:00 PM) $ 300.00 (10:00 PM * 7:00 AM) (For distances over 15 miles, kindly contact us.)
Marriage Celebration (We will come to You)  Wherever/whenever    a    clergy    is    not available   and   for   an   average   distance of 10 miles: $550.00 Book Publishing You may become a published writer For      the      design,      typesetting,      and publication    of    brochures,    booklets,    or books   (including   cover   page   art   work and    general    copyright    protection    and registration     with     the     United     States Library   of   Congress)   in   addition   to   bar codes   universally   required   in   bookstores all   over   the   world,   contact   us   for   a   low price       package       beginning       around $2,500.00 for a 50-page book.
Video Shootage     Shooting    with    one    professional    and high resolution camera: $400/hr     Shooting    with    two    professional    and high resolution cameras: $700/hr     Shooting    with    three    professional    and high resolution cameras: $1,195/hr High End Video Production  (High resolution)   A 15-minute video:   $ 750.00  A 30-minute video:    $ 1,350.00  A 60-minute video:    $ 2,500.00  A 90-minute video:    $ 3,975.00    For   a   video   that   lasts   longer,   contact   us directly. Of course, there also is room for good- faith negotiation and better prices!
DJ Service (With Modern Surround Sound) Flat-rate   fee   ranging   from   $500-4,500 depending   on   special   arrangements   and negotiations   based   on   venue,   location, distance,   and   service.   A   low-end   option of $150/hr is also available.
High-Class Speeches (For All Occasions)  English: $ 800.00 (up to 4 pages)  Spanish: $ 950.00      --------  Creole:   $ 700.00        --------  French:   $ 1,000.00     --------  For simple Review of Documents: Contact us directly. 
Interpretation Service We    charge    a    low    daily    fee,    which varies      between      $250      and      $1,000 depending   on   the   location,   the   demand, and   the   topic   of   the   assignment.   Like for   all   our   services,   we   are   ready   to   sit down and negotatiate with our clients.